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We can help you navigate the telecommunications options from wireless infrastructure to networks.


DTA Consultants helps landlords, building operators, management companies & other real estate professionals with the intersection of real estate, telecom and wireless infrastructure. This means we have partners that can deploy cell towers, rooftop antennas systems and in-building networks to support the wireless carriers'​ coverage plans.

We work as a broker or can consult on a fee basis for new wireless deployments or acquisitions benefiting the owners and operators of office buildings, hospitals, hotels and other venues.

About David Urbach, President

Mr. Urbach has an extensive background in telecommunications and real estate with 15 years’ experience in negotiating real estate and real estate rights through leases, buy/sell agreements, license agreements and easements for real estate, wireless infrastructure and other telecommunications work. Over the past 10 years Mr. Urbach has led or been directly involved in over $15 million in lease rent and services revenue for different organizations including SBA Communications, Comcast Business, CBRE & JLL. He has earned a Masters Degree in Real Estate and Construction Management from the Burns School of Real Estate from the University of Denver, an M.B.A. from Colorado State, a B.S from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University and has an active Colorado Real Estate Brokers License. Mr. Urbach’s expertise includes negotiation, strategic alliances, project management, team leadership, business development, and financial modeling.

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